What is ergonomic furniture: benefits and features

ergonomic furniture

Due to the development of technical process, more and more people occupy sitting workplaces.

Here the organization of the workplace, ergonomic furniture are of great importance. Uncomfortable chairs, uncomfortable table height, improper placement of furniture in the office leads to problems from reducing the quality of work to problems with the health of the employee.

What is ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is considered that furniture that does not create discomfort during prolonged use, but on the contrary, facilitates and relieves stress from a long stay in one position.

Today, many furniture manufacturers and employers have realized this truth and are trying to make the work of office workers as comfortable as possible through the proper organization of the workspace.

Ergonomic furniture for everyday work

It should not be forgotten that a person a significant part of his time (about 2/3) should rest. Correct and high quality rest provides a rush of energy, vigor, health and further productivity at work.

Therefore, no less important is considered ergonomic furniture for everyday life, among which may be chairs, armchairs, tables (including kitchen), beds.

Especially important is the right choice of mattress. The quality of sleep can be safely equated to the quality of life. If a person gets enough sleep, rests properly, has no pain in the back and neck, so there are no headaches, bad moods, chronic fatigue, heart and circulation problems.

So, when choosing furniture pay attention to its ability to cause allergic reactions. The upholstery and fillings made of natural wool are soft and pleasant, but do not forget that wool is a strong allergen, it often breeds dust mites and other pests.

What is the ergonomic organization of the workplace

First of all, in the organization of the working space is necessary to arrange all the furniture so that you have at hand everything you need, not always had to reach for something, get up or strain yourself unnecessarily.

Office chair

One of the most important components of the workplace is an office chair. The right choice of chair will save you from back and collar pain, headaches, congestion of blood vessels and nerves, scoliosis and many other ailments.

Office chair should be stable and the seat should be flat, without defects and curvatures.

The back of the chair should reliably support the back of the employee, to relieve stress in the postunion and shoulders. Such an effect could be achieved if the backrest had a wave-like shape matching the curves of the human spine, and the headrest was at the level of your head and supported it securely.

In addition, it is necessary that the characteristics of the chair fit under the desk of the office employee. Elbows and hands should be at the same level without hanging off the desk.

If you are working from home or buy a working chair in the office by yourself, you can simply follow these recommendations.

If the chairs are not bought individually, then the mandatory condition must be the mobility of the product (height adjustability, position of the seat and back), the ability to reconfigure it for a person of any set.


It would seem that how can the kitchen be ergonomic?

However, here also has its own nuances. As mentioned above, the choice of furniture depends on the individual characteristics of a person.

Imagine how will put dishes on the same hanging shelf people taller than 180 cm and 160 cm?

The first such action is not difficult. For the latter, a stool or stepladder may be needed.

Similar is the case with the kitchen worktop. Some people will have to reach for the countertop, water droplets will constantly run down their hands; others are likely to be constantly in a bent position while cooking.

Therefore, the first and most important thing when choosing a kitchen set is to choose the height of both the lower and the hanging cabinets according to the height of the owner.

Living room

During the planning of the living room, it is necessary to take into account some features of the arrangement of furniture, which will allow the most comfortable to spend time in it.

The sofa should be opposite the TV. Sit down on the sofa and look directly at the wall opposite. The place where your gaze rests will be the starting point. Position the television set so that the line marking 2/3 of the top of the screen is exactly where your gaze falls on the wall.

In addition, the distance from the TV to the person is important. It should be 1.6 m to 2.6 m and depends on the diagonal of the TV (42 to 65, respectively). This way you reduce the strain on your eyes as much as possible.

If you have problems with blood circulation in the legs, an integral part of your living room should be a pouffe. Putting your feet on it will improve blood circulation, swelling goes down, fatigue disappears.

If the furniture set includes chairs, they should be spaced at a distance of 1-3 meters. In this case it will not be crowded to walk between them, and the interlocutors will hear each other well.


The main role in the bedroom is occupied by a bed. It should be reliable and comfortable.

Choose a suitable for you material, configuration and height of the bed. The mattress should not be too soft, but do not choose a hard one. Today there are a lot of variants of mattresses by structure and filling. Do not hurry to choose: study in detail the composition (so that the family members were not allergic to it), look at the design features, test the samples in the store (do not hesitate to lie on it for a while).

Many people like to install a TV in the bedroom, which is highly discouraged. The bedroom is a place to sleep, there should be a minimum of distracting and annoying things.


Usually hallways are quite compact, so you need to take a sensible approach to organizing the space “face” of the apartment.

Think carefully about what you might not place in the hallway. From the rest of the stuff, throw out another half.

The hallway should not be cluttered! Place either a small closet for clothes and shoes, or a small dresser for small items (keys, bags, etc.) and shoes.

If space permits, placing a bench in the hallway, on which it will be very convenient to remove shoes (especially if there are children or elderly people in the house) will be useful.

Children’s room

For ergonomic placement of furniture in the interior of a child’s room, you must take into account the age and height of the child: shelves should be easily accessible; when sitting on a chair, the angle of bending knees – 90 degrees, sitting at the desk, the child should not fidget.

Given how quickly children grow, today the market has an ideal solution – a “growing desk” (tables-transformers and chairs with the ability to adjust the height and tilt angle).

ergonomic furniture

Closets and cupboards

During the choice of a closet and cabinets should be guided by 2 parameters: sufficient space to open and close the doors; personal preferences for the filling of the closet.

We advise to start by deciding on the clothes that will be stored in the closet and on this basis, to select the “stuffing”.

When planning must be taken into account that heavy things and shoes will be stored in the lower compartments of the closet, and bulky lightweight – in the upper.

There are plenty of free online furniture planners online that you can use to visualize your ideas.

Peculiarities of choosing a sofa

When choosing a sofa, you need to be guided by its parameters and materials of which it is made.

Thus, the sofa should be commensurate with the room in which it will be located: do not obstruct, do not have particularly protruding parts.

The composition of the materials you and your family should not be allergic.

Choose upholstery that does not require special care.

Why furniture can be non-ergonomic

Non-ergonomic furniture is cheap, made of low-quality materials, with defects or not providing the peculiarities of the human body.

An important role played by the professionalism of manufacturers and assemblers of furniture.

In addition, often in the pursuit of uniqueness, strangeness, even in expensive furniture designers do not take into account how comfortable it will be to use such furniture.