How to make floating candles at home pro-tips

floating candles

Since ancient times, candles have been an element of celebration and have been used to decorate every family holiday. Candles are also considered a wonderful souvenir to give to loved ones on their holidays.

Today the market offers a huge variety of candles for all tastes: with different scents, made in all kinds of colors, all shapes and sizes, complemented with flowers and stones, standing or floating candles. However, the candle, made by hand, has a special value. In addition, such a process is so fascinating that once you create such beauty, you will want to do it again and again.

If you have no idea what kind of floating candles you can create with your own hands, photos of works made by other craftsmen will help you decide what to choose. As you make each new candle, you will gain experience and soon you will be able to create masterpieces without any help.

Floating candles have become very popular lately, as they look very original and create an effect of weightlessness.

What will you need to make candles?

To create floating candles with your own hands is very simple, the main thing is to buy all the necessary materials and clearly follow the instructions.

You will need:

  • a container for melting wax;
  • candle molds;
  • saucepan for water bath
  • two sticks;
  • decorations;
  • wax crayons;
  • old candles;
  • cotton paper threads.

Making the wick

For the candle to burn constantly, it is necessary to put a wick inside it. For this purpose, it is desirable to use a natural cotton thread, but if this is not possible, you can use a floss.

To make it, you need to intertwine thick threads between each other, not tightening them.

If the wick is too thick, then the candle will melt quickly, otherwise the wick will constantly go out. The method of trial and error you will be able to unmistakably pick up the thickness of the wick for the size of the candle.

Before pouring the candle, it will be necessary to soak the wick in wax.

In case you have no desire to make your own wick, you can take it out of old candles by carefully breaking the candle into pieces.

Choosing the shape for a candle

When it comes to choosing a mold for the candle, everything depends only on your imagination. For this purpose, you can take any container that can withstand high temperatures. If there is a desire to create a candle with an original shape, you can buy special molds for making candles or soap.

For the first time there is no need to get wise, it is enough to take any cup, at the bottom of which you need to make a small hole and insert the wick there. On the back side make a knot, so that the wax does not leak.

Then you need any stick, on which you need to tie the other end of the wick and place it exactly in the middle of the cup.

To make floating candles have beautiful shades, and are required It is enough to chop them and add them to the wax. It is important to use dyes specifically on a fat-soluble basis, so that they mix evenly with the wax.

In specialized stores, you can buy dye pigments, this will facilitate the process of dyeing.

Pour the candle

We will need a container for the wax, for this purpose you can take a tin can. It should be crumpled so that on one side there is a spout for better pouring out the molten wax.

In the jar, we put broken old candles and our dye. Now you need to heat the mixture in a water bath. For this purpose, you can use any saucepan, in which the jar of wax will fit.

We put the pot with water on the fire, bring it to the boil and put the container with the wax in it. When the material has melted, you can start pouring.

Pour the candle into the mold in layers, giving them some time to dry. Once the mold is completely filled, leave the candle to dry at room temperature.

For floating candles to have beautiful shades, and you need wax crayons. It is enough to chop them and add them to the wax. It is important to use dyes exactly on a fat-soluble basis, so they mix evenly with the wax.

After the candle hardens, untie the wick and carefully take it out of the mold. Cut off the excess wick, leaving a tip of 1 cm.

The candle is ready, to keep it afloat, you should choose a light plastic mold and put it there. For this purpose, various containers of transparent plastic are well suited for this purpose. Flower petals can also be poured there, so that the composition looks aesthetically pleasing.

floating candles

Gel candles

To create floating candles with your own hands on a gel base, you will need:

  • 5 gr. gelatin;
  • 2 gr. tannin;
  • 20 ml of water;
  • 35 ml of glycerin.

These candles do not need a plastic mold to dip them in water. Thanks to their composition, they are perfectly afloat and do not spoil their appearance from moisture.

Heat tannin and glycerin until the former has completely dissolved. While heating, slowly add the gelatin to the mixture. Once the solution is clear, add water. Boil the mixture until the water evaporates.

Next, we place a small wick at the bottom of a glass sturdy form, fixing it with a stick on top, you can add pieces of fruit, flowers, seashells, if desired. Pour the mixture into the mold and leave it until it hardens.

Such floating candles look incredibly beautiful. With their help, you can create amazing compositions. For example, you can take a clear glass of the right shape or a small vase for flowers, decorate the bottom with stones and various decorative elements. Dip a flower into the water and drop a few gel candles on the surface. Such floating candles with their own hands for a wedding or any other celebration will come just right.

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Aromatic candles

To ensure that the burning candle emitted a pleasant aroma, before pouring the wax, you need to add a few drops of fragrance oil. This can be purchased at any drugstore or specialty store. You can combine different oils to your taste, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the candle will give off a luscious smell.

In addition to the pleasant smell aroma oils have a calming effect on the nervous system. So you can use them not only for a pleasant smell, but also for your health.

Candle making, by the way, quite profitable business, having placed on your page in social networks of its floating candles, pictures of which obviously will not leave anyone indifferent, you can get a lot of customers.