Modern furniture in interiors

Modern furniture

Furniture is one of the important parts of the interior. It performs a practical function, breathes life into the room, fills them with a special atmosphere and completes the design.

Centuries ago, people surrounded themselves not only with functional, but also with aesthetic furniture. Carvings, patina, metalwork and curved legs accentuated the taste and wealth of the furniture’s owners. Today, these details are receding into the background, giving way to new forms and original elements.

Features of modern furniture

One of the main features of today’s furniture is functionality. Great popularity is enjoyed by closets, shelving units and chests of drawers. The space inside them is used to the maximum. They include drawers, brackets and baskets for linen and small items.

A minimum of decor and smooth panels create roomy structures for convenient storage. Such furniture is especially popular in small apartments and studios. Outwardly it is not conspicuous, but behind the doors it hides lighting, mirrors and anything else you want to keep out of sight.

For small spaces are often used not one-piece, and modular designs. These are often found in interior stores. It is convenient to combine modules with each other, choosing the necessary amount.

Transformer furniture is also experiencing a peak in popularity. Folding tables when assembled take up little space, but if necessary accommodate a large company. A compact sofa easily transforms into a comfortable and wide bed. With the help of such methods one and the same room turns from an office into a bedroom or living room.

We should talk separately about built-in furniture. A bed that is going into a closet. A bed in a chest of drawers. With one movement, the room becomes free for the day. But such constructions are not too space-saving. After all, it is necessary to leave free space to unfold the bed. And this is not always convenient.

Features of fixing furniture

Designers often zone the space with furniture. For example, a shelving unit or bookcase can easily separate the bedroom from the workplace. It is also convenient that the furniture is easy to pick up by the size of the room or make to order, using all the space to the maximum.

Modules, shelving units and tables are often attached to the wall. This reduces cleaning time – no need to bypass the structure to wipe dust or sweep up. In addition, the method has a visual effect – the room becomes lighter, and the interior is not overloaded with details.

Furniture details

It is important to remember about the fittings as well. Cabinets without handles look original, but the fronts quickly get dirty from constant touch, requiring daily cleaning.

Large elements, such as vintage handles, add originality to even the simplest items. And carvings or stained-glass windows on cabinets accentuate the elegance of the room and the taste of the owners.

On the outer panels or bases of the furniture, you can install recessed lighting or place LED strips. They will act as additional illumination and original highlighting of specific details.

How to choose modern furniture?

With the help of new sofas, cabinets or chairs it is easy to diversify the environment, add contrasts to the interior and place things more compactly. Designers advise to go for furniture with a piece of wallpaper, flooring, or at least make a photo. So it will be easier to decide on the palette of future furniture.

Moment One: Technical

Before you go to the store to make the necessary measurements and write down the results. This will help to choose a cabinet “in the ceiling” or a rack for a narrow wall. The placement of the modular “slide” is recommended to think in advance, and even better – to make a drawing on paper.

With the dimensions of the kitchen furniture and a set in the living room can help mega-salon. Then the purchase will exactly fit the parameters of the room.

Standard-sized sets are chosen in the furniture salon. “Oversized” – perform to order. In the first case, the buyer is often limited to the color of the fronts and accessories. In the second case, everything is chosen by the customer. Including the materials of the modules and their shade.

If you make several pieces of furniture to order, the designers recommend turning to one craftsman. This way the production speed will be faster, and the shades will match each other better.

Interestingly, small furniture stores offer a greater choice of textures and fronts than large manufacturers. Their turnaround time is usually lower, too.

Moment two: visual

The choice of shade of future furniture depends on the taste of the owners and the overall interior style. Bright contrasts will attract attention, but can quickly tire you out, so they should be added carefully. For example, a red sofa will look great in a light neutral room. In this case, other pieces of furniture and decor should be selected in tone.

There is also another approach: choose furniture in calm shades, to the tone of the trim. In this case, add accessories is much easier – original lamps, bright sofa cushions. Changing the interior if you want is also easy. It is enough to change just a few items.

  • Today, for the design of rooms, modern style is being chosen more and more often. A kind of quintessence of several styles in one. Different parts by themselves may not go together, but there are certain rules for maintaining harmony:
  • Style furniture is placed closer to the center, and the main storage systems – closer to the walls;
  • Shades of equal saturation and close in temperature perfectly combine;
  • Bright colors need to be diluted with calm and neutral. This way the interior will look softer.

Furniture for different rooms

In any room of the apartment or house furniture is chosen practical, comfortable and attractive in appearance. In this case, for each room has its own characteristics.


The main place here is the kitchen set. They are available for different tastes and wallet. Standard floor or unusual hanging – it all depends on the wishes. The color and size of the modules are also available to choose from.

Increasingly popular are the kitchens combined with the dining room. This layout is more functional. You can place a full dining group or limited to a bar counter with high chairs.

The living room

Modern living room furniture is not only functional, but also original. Since ancient times, the center of the room is considered a sofa. Wide and long or, conversely, small, it is designed for rest and hospitality. We can say that it is the sofa that sets the tone and mood of the living room. To him choose armchairs and a coffee table.

It is interesting that sofas are often quite wide, but their size is not conspicuous because of the neutral color: beige, sandy, gray. In addition to armchairs, the sofa can be complemented by soft poufs in tone.

Today, furniture for the living room choose a monochrome in a natural palette. Drawings and prints are gradually becoming a thing of the past. However, for some styles they are important. For example, it is difficult to imagine Provence or country without plant ornaments, large flowers.

The bedroom

Hidden from sight, the private room can even have an intimate atmosphere. Furniture for the rest room choose the most comfortable and aesthetically attractive. It should contribute to a quality rest and not distract.

To create a peaceful atmosphere designers use smooth lines and soft colors. If the area allows, in addition to a wide bed in the bedroom set a closet for clothes, a cozy chair, a table for cosmetics.

On the wall hang a modular “slide” or open shelves for books and memorabilia. But do not overload the bedroom with details. After all, this is primarily a room for rest.

Modern furniture

Modern interior styles

There is a great many options for the design of rooms, but not all look harmonious with modern furniture. Some require a certain palette or dictate design features. Below are the most common design styles today.

Original Art Nouveau

The elegance of modern intertwines with its functionality. In addition, the style furniture is versatile and suitable for almost any room.

Romantic French style is most associated with the warmth of a summer day. It fits the definition of “airy” and “light”. This atmosphere is achieved by pastel colors and furniture with a hint of time.

In addition to the original furniture in the interior there is a lot of textiles – lace doilies, curtains on the windows, plaid and cushions on the couch.

The minimalism of the Scandinavian peoples

The northerners know better than anyone else about home furnishings, refusing from an abundance of objects, striving for naturalness, geometry and minimalism. Furniture is often made of natural materials in a light palette.

The coziness of the room adds wood and textiles, which are popular in the Scandinavian style.